Monday, June 27, 2011

What's that banging noise?

I can't read the greeting cards with all that banging!

"Where are my shoes?" 

“They’re in the garage.....where they live.”  Mother is looking at me with a blank stare.

I’ve told her a thousand times that the shoes live in the garage, but for some reason she can’t get that concept.  I have taken her on a tour of their house, checking out each pair, but the questions continue like clockwork every time we get ready to leave the house.

It's easier for me to choose the pair she'll be wearing and put them in the car.  This way, she can slide her feet right in.  I really believe this clever and ingenious method is quite helpful!  

I help Mother out to the garage and into the car and she sees her shoes and she says, “My shoes are in the car.   I thought you said the shoes live in their house!!”

“They do, but I have them waiting for you in the car.”


After she's sitting in the car I take her house slippers off her feet and slip her shoes on.  As soon as her feet slide in, she immediately bends down to untie the decorative laces.   

"Mother you don’t need to untie the laces. They're just for looks."  She ignores me.  When she briefly comes up for air, I quickly put on her seat belt and sprint to the driver's side.  

Before we get out of the subdivision she says, “I forgot my pocketbook!”.

“No, you didn’t forget your purse."

“Is it in the back seat?”

“NO." You didn't bring your purse.  

“How will I buy anything?” 

“I’ll buy you whatever you want.” 

"I need to go to the bank.”

“Why do you need to go to the bank?”

“To GET SOME MONEY!"   She’s looking at me like I'm nuts.

“I’ll give you money.  What do you want to buy?”

“I don’t know.”

“If you see anything you want, I’ll buy it.”


The questions continue...... 

As we stopped at a traffic light, there was a lady holding an umbrella standing on the corner …

“Why is that lady holding an umbrella?.....  It’s not raining.”

"Maybe she doesn’t want the sun shining on her.”


“I don’t know..."  (Why IS that lady holding an umbrella?)

“Look at all those cars.  I wonder what’s going on over there.”

“That’s a car lot.  Those cars are for sale."

“That must be a BIG sale!”

“Where are we going?”

“Different places.”

“What will we do?”

“Different things.”

"How do you know where to go?"

“I live here.”

“You’re a good driver.”


On this particular day, one of the places on my list was the Family Christian Bookstore.  All I needed was one little greeting card.  The weather was perfect, so I decided to leave Mother in the car.  She's usually fine if my errands take just a few minutes...

 I rolled the windows down halfway and said, “Mother, stay in the car.  I will be back in five minutes!”

She nodded...(staring at her shoe laces).

Just before I got out of the car she said, “What are you doing in there?”.

“I’m buying a card for a friend.  Stay right here, ok?"


I dashed into the store going straight for my favorite section- the Max Lucado inspirational cards!  Now you can't really purchase a greeting card without picking each one up and reading the inside.  You have to make sure you pick a card with the perfect sentiments.  So I began reading each one.  They were really touching!  Some made me laugh.  Others made me cry.  Of course, it was helpful to hear beautiful background music as I read each and every card.

Suddenly, my inspirational reverie was rudely interrupted by a vague banging noise in the background.  What was that?  I looked around, shrugged my shoulders, and went back to reading.  A second later, I heard the banging noise again.  This time, I could overhear some of the employees.  They were talking about an elderly lady who was banging on the window trying to get in the store.

Reverie OVER!  Alarms were going off in my brain!  I bet that banging is my Mom.

I dropped the card and ran to the front of the store.  There was my mother!!....Oh my stars!  I had gone past the allotted "five minutes".  Mother had managed to open the car door (I forgot to lock the car).....walk across the parking area....step up a curb.....and walk to the window of the store!  She couldn't find the front door.  So she went up to the glass and started banging on it.  It was a miracle that she was able to do this without falling! God must have sent an angel to help her walk in to the store. (I'd love to view the security surveillance camera.)

I quickly took her by the hand and escorted her inside the store- making sure to avoid eye contact with the employees.  By now several people were wondering what was happening.

“Mother, what are you doing?  It's a miracle you didn't fall!  Why didn't you stay in the car like I asked you to do?"

“I wanted to buy a card too!”

"I'm sorry", she said.  For a moment, she sounded just like a little girl sorry for doing the wrong thing.

“You’ve got to trust me to know what's best for you. I love you and I don't want anything to happen to you. I'm so thankful that God protected you from falling." 

All the way home she said, “I’m sorry for not staying in the car."

As she kept telling me how sorry she was, all I could think about was how often I have disobeyed what I knew God was asking me to do. Boy was I wrong!  In my life, I have learned that our obedience to God brings protection, peace, joy, and contentment. The more I trust and obey, the sweeter He becomes in my life.  How about you?  Do you trust and obey the One who has your best interest in mind?  He loves you and your loved ones more than you know.

As I walked in the door of my house, I realized Mother was still sitting in the car....trying to tie the decorative shoe laces.  I got her in the house.  Then I went purchase some greeting cards.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and he will direct your path." Proverbs 3:5

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