Monday, June 13, 2011

Have you seen the baby?

Where's the baby?
This is the repeating question I had heard for 72 hours straight.  Mother was very concerned.  Of couse there was no baby, but in her mind she was sure she had lost her baby and she was in what I call "broken record" mode.  The question continued over and over.  All of a sudden, I remembered that I had a baby doll in the garage that had been packed away!  This baby doll had been used as baby Jesus in Christmas plays for my angel ministry.  (That's another story for another time.)  I thought it over and quickly grabbed the baby doll, wrapped it in a blanket and gently carried to Mother.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.  Let me start at the beginning.  My name is Carol.  As a result of a mini-stroke, my mother came to live with me five years ago.  Since that time, the degenerative disorder of dementia has slowly set in.  It has been rewarding, challenging, and at times, out-right humorous to experience.  In short, every day is an adventure.  My motto?  You might as well laugh about it.  Are there OTHERS like me?  I hope so.  I hope my stories will bring a little hope and laughter to my readers.  Now let's get back to this "baby story"....

"Mother, I found the baby!" .....

Mother's eyes begin to light up, and I gently placed the baby in her arms.  At least the questions ended for the time being.  Later that night, when she was in bed, I laid the baby next to her thinking she might like to sleep with the baby.

She smiled and said, "Yes!".

I carefully laid the baby next to her and she said a few baby talk words. I breathed a sigh of relief and went to my room thinking all was well with the world.  I laid in my bed wondering how she was doing with this new next addition to our family, so I decided to take a peek. To my surpise she was watching the baby with intensity. 

"How's it going with the baby?"  She looked concerned, "I'm afraid the baby is going to fall of the bed, or I might roll over on the baby during the night." 

Staring like a deer in headlights, I pondered how to respond. 

I went over and sat on the side of her bed and said, "Why don't I let the baby sleep with me?" 

She said, "That will be good."

I carefully picked up the baby in its blanket and took it to my room.  I carelessly flopped it on my tall chest of drawers and went to bed.  I got a good night's rest. 

The next morning I woke up early and was leisurely getting ready when she rushed into the bathroom.

"How could you put the baby on something so high!!!!!!!" she exclaimed.  "Don't you know she could fall and break her neck....and YOU would be responsible for the DEATH of this helpless little baby!  I'm surprised you would be so careless!"

I held the baby and told her I was sorry.  Boy, was I sorry.  I am currently looking for a crib on ebay.

Hensforth, it shall be called "the baby".  I'm afraid to name it.


  1. Maybe the baby could grow up real quick while she is sleeping,ie.. go to college and marry. Would she realize the time span?? :-) Of course you would expain it to her in pictures...using your own, of course. Worth a try...

  2. Dear "Seven",
    Thank you for such a great suggestion! That just might work! Thanks for stopping by...and commenting ;)