Monday, August 22, 2011

The Three Little ...."Prayer Requests"

I am so blessed to be part of a worldwide mission organization that reaches over 10 million children every year.  My objective is to find churches that will adopt and sponsor Good News Clubs at local public schools.  Every club that starts represents a miraculous work of God.  With over 250 clubs already underway in Georgia, it is exciting to see the difference in each little girl and boy.  I love my ministry ..........and I love taking care of Mother.  Lately, I have asked God to help me manage her as I begin a busy school year..... I guess you could say that was my FIRST prayer request.

Before the new school year started, I brought Mother along as I hit the trail for a 2-day VBS.  It was a western theme.  I got my western wear and put a cowboy hat on Mother.  She loved it.  The kids called her "Ms. Dot" and they made pictures with her.  I loved sharing Christ with all the kids.  We both had a wonderful time "on the range".

One of the mornings, I had a ministry appointment and I brought Mother with me.  I rolled her right into the secretary’s office and said, “I'm Carol Kohl and I have an appointment...........This is my Mom, Ms. Dot.”  The secretary looked at Mother and said, “My name is Dot too!”.  I proceeded to go into the Director's office.  Interestingly, she began to tell me that she had experienced a difficult morning with her Mom.

“You see, I'm the caregiver for my 90 year old Mom”, she said.

I chuckled.  "Well MY 90 year old Mom is sitting out there with your secretary right now.”  We both laughed.  She said, “I’d like to meet her!”  When we finished our meeting, she came out and talked to Mother. We had a lot in common. “FIRST request answered!”

Another morning, I had to be at a school at 7:30 in the morning for parent registration.  My neighbor came over to "mama sit".  I asked God to please let Mother sleep while I was gone.  Miraculously, she slept until noon!...(exactly when I returned).  She never knew I was gone!  FIRST request answered! 

Last Sunday was my birthday.  As I was getting Mother all dolled up for church I said, “Mother, today is my birthday.  I hope someone remembers..."  That was my SECOND prayer request.

She said, “How old are you?”

I told her and she said, “You’re OLD!” (Maybe I DON'T want anyone to remember...)

She said, “I going to write you a check for $13.00 dollars so you can buy anything you want!”

“ Mother, I have everything I want.” (What in the world could I possibly afford with $13.00 anyway?)

“You don’t want anything?”

“Actually yes.  I want some volunteers for the Good News Club.”  That was my THIRD prayer request.

“What’s that?”

“It’s something God wants.”

"Well if HE wants it, then you're gonna get it.”

We left early to go to this wonderful church to see if anyone might sign up to be a volunteer for a Good News Club.  We were there for three services.  In the middle of the third service, Mother said, “I’ve got to go.  I've already heard this story!”  You see, the pastor used the story of the The Three Little Pigs as an illustration about making wise choices in life.  Needless to say, after sitting in three services Mother wasn’t waiting one minute longer.  I was pushing Mother out the door as the Pastor was imitating puffing sounds for the wolf. It was a great message.

We got to the church lobby and Mother said “I’m ready to leave right now.”

“We can’t go”


“’Someone might sign up to be a volunteer for the Good News Club at the end of the service!”

“Well I’m sorry about your volunteers, but I’ve got to go. My Mama will be worried about me.”

“Your Mother knows where you are, and we’re not going until I’m finished.....  And I’m NOT finished.”

"Well, I’M finished!”  She then proceeded to the glass doors and began knocking for someone to help her.  I’m standing at my display (as if nothing is going on) talking to people.  All of a sudden, my sweet friend comes walking up.  “Peg, what are you doing here?” I figured she was there to help me recruit or something.

“No.” she said.  “I’m here because it’s your birthday and I want to take you out to lunch to celebrate!” (SECOND prayer request answered.)
Meanwhile, Mother was in her wheelchair rolling from person to person asking if they would be able to take her home.  I just kept on talking to people as if nothing was going on.   In the end, God was good.  He gave us more volunteers for the Good News Club.  It was my birthday present from God. (THIRD request answered).    He answered ALL three prayer requests. I guess Mother was was what He wanted...and I wanted what He wanted.

After a wonderful birthday lunch with my Mom, my sister Ann, and Peg, (my friend and prayer partner), we came home.  Mother was worried about her Mama.  I told her that I had talked to her "Mama" and that she was happy "that you are staying with me".  Mother seemed content for the moment as she watched the birds eating seeds from the bird feeder.  "Have you ever noticed how God always takes care of the birds?"  It seemed off the subject, yet poignant.

My two sweet daughters called to wish me a Happy Birthday and I talked to my precious granddaughter Katie.  Later I sat down at my computer to check for messages. I noticed at the bottom of the page it showed I had 31 messages.  My first thought was a computer virus, but it wasn’t a virus at all!  It was a slew of birthday messages. They continued to pour in all day, and some the next birthday wish after another.  66 messages in all! This has never happened before.  It was a big bouquet of flowers from God.  I loved reading each one from my sweet family and my dear friends I have known over the years. 

It’s amazing how we have friends at different times in our lives and even though we haven’t talked in years  All it takes is one contact and your mind takes you back to where you left off.  Some messages were funny.  Others brought tears to my eyes.  For a moment, I had a longing to go back in time.  God certainly has a sense of humor. 

He’s walking with me every day and He is taking care of my Mom and my ministry.  How about you, dear caregiver?  Ask Him to help you one day at a time. He's waiting to help you with your loved one.  He loves you and He knows your heart and feels your pain.  Give Him your day and let Him take care of every detail of your life.

My grandmother’s favorite song was “In the Garden.”  I remember her singing it while she was cooking, when we were sitting in the swing on the front porch, and when we were walking to town.  Mother worked, and my Dad was in the armed forces in Japan.  My sweet grandmother took care of me and she would start humming the verse and then she would sing the chorus.    

And He walks with me and He talks with me,
And He tells me I am His own.
And the joy we share as we tarry there, 
None over has ever known. 

“ The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid…” Hebrews 13:5b


  1. Thank you for this beautiful message Carol!

  2. I love this post. The Lord is allowing you to reach others (like me) who are entering into this journey with loved ones. It helps so much. Thank you-

  3. Thank you for sharing...I was waiting for another one! Love reading these, mom!!!!
    I love you!

  4. What a great post, I love that song, yes, God always walks with me and tells me I am his own:)